Explorer Series Installation Guide


We truly appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your new case. Below is a quick installation guide to help you get started. If you still find yourself stuck on a step and need further assistance relating to this or any other of our products, please go to our contact us page. The Evocel staff will be happy to help find a solution for you.

Step 1 - There are a total of three pieces to the case.

Step 01

There are three separate pieces to the Explorer Series case.

  1. Faceplate
  2. Screen Protector*
  3. Case

*Please note that some older versions of the Explorer Series case do not include a screen protector. Instead skip to Step 04 below.

Step 2 - Use the included wipes to clean and dry the device screen.

Step 02

Thoroughly clean the front of the device with the included wet wipe.

Be sure to remove any dust, dirt or other foreign material from the screen.

Remember to dry the cleaned area before applying the screen protector.

Step 3 - Remove the clear film from the screen protector and install.

Step 03

Carefully remove the plastic film on the back of the screen protector.

Align the cutouts of the screen protector to the openings on the device.

Press firmly and evenly on the screen protector for a clean installation.

Step 4 - Gently separate the front faceplate from the case.

Step 04

Gently separate the front faceplate from the case.

Step 5 - Fit the faceplate over the device and insert both into the case.

Step 05

Fit the faceplate over the device.

Insert both the faceplate and device into the case.

Push down on each corner and along the edges to securely snap in place.

Finished. For further assistance please contact our staff at: info@evocel.com


The device is now ready for use.

For further assistance please send us an email at our contact us page.