LG K7 / LG Tribute 5 New Generation Series Case

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Experience the difference in protection with the New Generation Series. Its rugged looks were designed for more than just show. This case is packed with all the features a phone would need to survive the stresses of daily use. Get the style you want with the function you require.

  • HARD OUTER SHELL - Keep the surface of your phone clean of nicks, smudges and scratches with a hard impact resistant exterior cover.
  • SOFT INNER LINING - The rigid, yet soft inner silicone liner wraps around your phone to help cushion it against the day-to-day wear and tear of use.
  • BELT CLIP ATTACHMENT - A separate, removable 180-degree swivel belt clip attachment makes carrying your phone simple. Customize the position of your phone the way you want, eliminating the bulk in your pocket.
  • KICKSTAND - A built-in locking kickstand allows for hands-free viewing of all your favorite content on your phone in landscape orientation.
  • RAISED LIP - The outer rim design keeps your phone screen elevated against abrasive surfaces it may be in contact with.

Compatible with the following devices only:

  • LG Tribute 5
  • LG K7
  • LG Treasure LTE
  • LG MS330
  • LG LS675
  • LG L52VL


Dual Layer Hybrid
Kickstand Integrated
Holster 180-degree Rotation / Removable
Raised Lip Yes
Material Polycarbonate / TPU

Customer Reviews

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William Nazario

I am very pleased with the product I usually all the time since I've had the product they have not broken scream Ang I kind of really appreciate the kickstand

Rosemarie Bliss

LG K7 / LG Tribute 5 New Generation Series Case

Joseph Dirl
LG K7/LG Tribute 5 New Generation Series Case

The case kickstand came off the same day I got the case. The was cheap and flimsy. I would not recommend it.

John Castillo
Belt clip

Overall satisfied with the product. One thing though that I disliked is the belt clip part. It is very tight and actually skews the case around the phone when it is clipped into the holder. Basically the protective case around the phone partially comes off when you clip it to the belt clip. Also I write in the description that it comes with a screen protector. I did not get one inside my case, I thought maybe the screen protector was the belt clip itself as it covers the screen?

Donavon Edney

LG K7 / LG Tribute 5 New Generation Series Case