Samsung Galaxy On5 Explorer Series Case

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A case designed for your phone on-the-go. An Evocel® original design with you in mind, whether it’s going for a night out in the city or a hike through the mountains, the Explorer Series case fits your needs. Built for work. Built for life. Built for you.

  • DESIGNED FOR YOU - Custom design for form & function. Evocel cases are designed from ground up to meet the rigors of everyday wear and tear. We've taken the best case features on the market and incorporated them all into one seamless design.
  • BELT CLIP ATTACHMENT - Get access however you need it, when you need it. Take advantage of the added functionality of the belt clip holster when you need, or use the case without the holster—it’s up to you. The 360-degree holster rotates and locks into 24 different positions for a variety of carrying options.
  • PORTHOLE COVERS - Easy access portholes cover up the sensitive parts of your phone to help prevent the build-up of dust or dirt that may disrupt a devices function.
  • QUICK RESPONSE - Always get positive feedback. The tactile buttons offer easy and frustration-free response.

Compatible with the following devices only:

  • Samsung Galaxy On5
  • SM-G550


Raised Lip Yes
Side Grips Yes - Textured
Porthole Covers Yes
Holster 360-degree Rotation / Removable
Material Polycarbonate / TPU

Customer Reviews

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Dwight Trice

Would like to return order wring case, l want case with plastic protector on it.How do I return the cases I received?

Don Clasen

Samsung Galaxy On5 Explorer Series Case

Phone case for Samsung OS5

This was a gift for my boyfriend. The order arrived on time as promised and he was thrilled to has a case that fit the phone, stylish and offers protection from being dropped. Thank you.

Matt Phillips
best case ever

Best case I've ever owned. I have dropped my phone A LOT but with this case, I know that my phone is going to be safe. I like the belt clip. Good price and durable. No complaints.

Transforms the feel of the phone

Transformed from a slender, dense and smooth object that always felt like it was on the verge of slipping out of my grasp to a thicker almost blocky unit with plenty of edges and textured surfaces to grip. The whole unit feels heavier, but the case added hardly any weight. It gives it a much more secure, solid feel in my hand. While there is room for a screen protector the case does rise over the edge of the screen, so you may not need it for "normal" use. Forget "normal", get a screen protector. The dust caps are good for covering the ports and the factory charger fits fine, but they may be in the way for a docking station, I do not know.

The holder and clip are reasonably secure, not the easiest to clip in or get it out and I am almost sure it will not fall out by accident. The clip is J shaped and does have a strong spring to close the short leg of the J against the case to clip it on. The hook of the J fits around a belt to keep it secure. The clip is also suppose to lock open and function as a leg to prop up the phone for viewing, the problem is that the case does not quite fit with the phone screen side up. It will almost fit, but not securely. I would not feel comfortable carrying this way.

I am confused by the six metal studs set in the back, they are slightly below the surface, not magnetic, do not go all the way through the back. I do not see how they could be used? Overall I like the case very much. The holder is fine for now, I expect it to get better.